Kids Coding Project: Code your own Alien Invasion Conversation
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Code Your Own Alien Conversation!

Project description: An alien has invaded the earth and is meeting a human for the first time. We have to code a conversation between him and the first human he meets!

Recommended ages: 5-9 years | Experience level: Beginner | Platform: Hatch Kids | We will use: Block-based coding | Time required: 20-30 minutes

What will we learn? How to design and animate a 3D/VR environment and code using block-based programming

What will we create? We will design an animation in Virtual Reality.

STEP 1: Open Hatch Kids 

Click Here to go to Hatch Kids

Select “Code with Blocks”  as shown in the screenshot.

You are now ready to begin creating your project!

STEP 2: Design your game

1. Choose a template and get started.

  • You can choose any template from the various templates shown above to create your own project!
  • This template is for the overall look of your scene. There are many different environments to choose from, like Ocean or Space.
  • For this project, we have picked the ‘Tree House’ template.

2. Let’s design our environment before coding!

  • Designing involves the addition of 3D models to our environment. 
  • Click on the ‘Design’ section and add 3D models using the ‘Add 3D objects’ button as shown below.

3. Search for a ‘Wolf’ & an ‘Alien’ 3D model & add both of them to the environment.

  • Using the translate button, place them as per your need in the environment.
  • Using the Rotation & Scaling features, you can also change the rotation and the size of the 3D models added!

Final design view:

STEP 3: Let’s code!

It’s time to put life into all the characters that we added to our screen! Now that our design has been made, we will begin coding the conversation between our characters.

Remember what we need to do!

  • From the ‘Events’ section drag & drop the ‘When play button clicked’ block to the coding space.
  • This block is used to start an event. In this case, our project will start when the player clicks on this play button.
  1. From the ‘MinecraftAvatar’ section, get the ‘when the MinecraftAvatar collides with’ block and enable the notch to make it attachable to another block.

  2. From the ‘Wolf’ section, attach the wolf block to this block like a puzzle piece.

  3. Go crazy with your storyline with conversation blocks. You can find the conversation speak’ block from the individual 3D model’s section!

STEP 4: Save your work and download the app!

Make sure you save your work by hitting the “Save” option!

1. Click on “Publish.” You can either choose to login and publish, or else you can pick the quick publish option.

2. Fill the relevant details about your project

3. After publishing, you will receive a QR Code. Keep this open for now.

4. To enjoy your game, you will first need to download the free Hatch XR app on Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone.

5. Once downloaded, open the app, scan the QR code on your laptop browser, choose the AR option and enjoy!

STEP 5: Share your project with friends and family!

Impress your friends and family by sharing the project with them. Show them your Alien Invasion conversation, and invite them to create similar projects of their own using the Hatch Kids platform!

Wait, can you do more?

  • Yes! You can add a lot more things to your project.
  • Develop a conversation with the alien 3D model along with the MinecraftAvatar 3D model! Let’s see how your imagination comes to life!
  • Add one more 3D model in the design section
  • Tweak the code for that 3D model!
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Does Your Child Love To Create And Innovate?

Channel your child’s creative ability through our coding & game development classes.

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