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App Development

AI Digital Assistant

By Giyaa Bhutani

Grade 6


App Development

AI Digital Assistant
by Giyaa Bhutani!

Grade 6 Learns Virtual Reality India

Our app creator

Giyaa Bhutani is a super coder who is currently in Grade 6 and lives in Jaipur, India. She has been learning coding with Camp K12 for the past year. She has learned Scratch, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and App Development. She has created Tiktok 2, Mario game, and many more apps in this short period.

What is a Voice Assistant? Let’s hear it from Giyaa:

“A Voice Assistant is listening to your command and giving you the answer or taking actions accordingly. Like you can ask a Voice Assistant to switch off the lights if it is connected to Wi-Fi, or you can even ask some knowledgeable questions. Other than my own, I often use Voice Assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home.”

The Voice Assistant app

Giyaa’s app included a camera option, which helped her click a photo, record a video, take a selfie, or open her phone gallery. Giyaa put together all those elements, which she always wanted to operate through a Voice Assistant, and built her app. She showed us and explained thoroughly how components need to be added and clubbed under one umbrella to be operated on command by a single app.

“The main or the most important things are the invisible components, which are video recorder, text to speech, photo library, speech recognizer, and camera.”

A message from Giyaa:

“Coding is important for the upcoming generations. Because in the coming times, coding will be used everywhere. For everything, coding will be essential. Coding will be used everywhere. You will need coding to create another YouTube or Amazon or design a web page or web browser. So, coding is important.”

Within a few months of coding, Giyaa successfully developed a Voice Assistant app and also taught us the simplest way of recreating it our way. We congratulate Giyaa for her success and hope her journey of coding has no limits.

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App Development

By Giyaa Bhutani


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